Top 5 Things to Consider Before Buying an Air Freshener

Your sense of smell can have a massive impact on your perception. The power of smell is usually overlooked but in the true sense, malodors could be perceived as a sign of poor cleaning and could have a negative impact on your emotional well-being, judgement and interpretation. A clean, fragrant and fresh ambience is paramount in creating a safe space for both yourself and your loved ones. An air freshener is one of the most popular and widely preferred aroma-inducing substances worldwide. This is attributed to factors such as ease of use, portable and quick results. It is not just crucial to purchase an air freshener for your home, office or any other space but it is also significant to invest in an air freshener that meets your needs perfectly. So, let’s explore the top 5 things that you must consider before buying an air freshener best-suited for you!

The Size & Type of Room 

Are you looking at a small room or a spacious one when searching for an air freshener? Is it the living room, bedroom or washroom? Different spaces require different kinds of air fresheners. Relaxing fragrances such as Forest Flower or Blue Lagoon air fresheners are best suited for the bedroom and the living room. Considering the size and type of room before buying an air freshener will enable you to pick the most effective one to neutralize the air in that space and make it aromatic.

Fragrance Sensitivities 

Another crucial factor to consider is if you or any of your family members are sensitive towards certain fragrances. This will help you to invest in an air freshener that does not set off any allergies and avoid a bad purchase or any untoward incident. 

Amount of Malodor

Does the room you desire to freshen have an increased level of malodor to neutralize? These kinds of rooms could include a garbage storing area or even a washroom which require frequent levels of malodor control. This is also a point to bear in mind to get an air freshener that offers strong and lasting fragrances such as Jasmine or Sandalwood air fresheners made by good air freshener manufacturers.

Level of Airflow in the Room

How much airflow does your room have? Rooms with ample windows allow for a sufficient level of airflow and could require a different, probably milder air freshener as compared to enclosed areas with minimum access to fresh air. Bounded areas would need a sustainable and strongly fragrant air freshener frequently due to its least accessibility to fresh air.


There is no point in purchasing an air freshener if it is not going to exude a favourable as well as lasting fragrance. Before buying an air freshener make sure you check how durable it is and how long its fragrance is said to last or does it require continuous use to sustain. It is advisable to buy an air freshener from a good air freshener manufacturer to avoid disappointment when it comes to fragrance durability.

Few products can transform a home so much as an air freshener. The convenient to use and quick access features of air fresheners, make them one of the most essential elements when it comes to offering a unique personality to a home, office or any other space. Make sure you tick off all the 5 crucial points in this handy checklist and get the best air freshener perfectly suited for your space.

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