Make Dussehra more Auspicious with Agarbatti Fragrances

auspicious agarbatti

Filled with vigour, splendor and good vibes, Dussehra is one of the most effervescent festivals celebrated all over India in a myriad of ways. It marks the victory of good over evil and has its roots embedded in the epic Ramayana. As you prepare for the Puja and other religious ceremonies for this vibrant festival celebrated on the 15th of October this year, let’s explore the various ways in which you can amplify the auspicious energy of this festival with agarbatti fragrances

The Splendor of Dussehra  

The word Dussehra is derived from the words ‘Dus’ (signifying ten) and ‘Hara’ (signifying annihilated) in Sanskrit. It is one of the longest festivals in the country which is celebrated at the end of the ten-day-long Navratri and Durga Puja festivities. It marks the defeat of the ten-headed demon king ‘Ravana’ at the hands of Lord Rama. Also called Vijayadashami as per the Hindu Puranas, it is believed that Goddess Durga defeated and slew the buffalo demon Mahishasura on the tenth day after her unrelenting fight over the nine days.  

Why Burn Agarbattis During Dussehra Festivities? 

The lively festival of Dussehra is all about tradition, culture and mythology with unique rituals in different parts of India that add to its charm. Along with enacting the Ram Leela and burning of the Ravana effigy, some states in North India celebrate it in the form of Lord Raghunath’s Rath Yatra. Southern states such as Karnataka, Hyderabad, and Tamil Nadu have a floral festival and an ode to Goddess Chamundeshwari. Irrespective of the difference in religious ceremonies, the fragrance of agarbattis is the common, pious and refreshing thread that unites all these plethora of festivities. It breathes life into each of these rituals and helps devotees imbibe the divine energy that the festival of Dussehra emancipates.  

Agarbatti Fragrances for Dussehra 

There are certain fragrances, both floral and woody that enhance the grandeur of every Dussehra ritual. Here are a few of the most majestic agarbatti fragrances to make the festival of Dussehra more prosperous and magnificent.  


Mogra is believed to be a flower favored by both Lord Rama and Goddess Parvati. These small-sized, pristine white flowers and their divine fragrance have been used for Indian festivities for ages. Lighting a Mogra agarbatti during the puja ceremonies can help you calm your nerves and get into a deeply meditative experience with the divine.  


The red color of the Gulab flower and its sweet aroma is believed to symbolize vibrancy, energy and victory in the Vijayadashami rituals. Burning a Gulab agarbatti welcomes positive vibes and adds elegance to your ceremonies.  


Every Hindu religious festival is incomplete with the sacred and grounding fragrance of Chandan agarbatti. When you light a Chandan agarbatti during the Dussehra Puja rituals, it gives the ambience a regal touch and fills your senses with the bliss of this occasion.  


Considered as a symbol of divine perfection, and prosperity the Lotus flower is offered to holy deities during Dussehra as a sacred offering. The fragrance of Lotus agarbattis during Vijayadashami festivities elevates the spirit of devotion and is believed to open the mind to infinite divine possibilities.  

Dussehra is a festival that instills hope, courage and all things good in the human mind. These agarbatti fragrances will amplify all these majestic attributes and make your Vijayadashami festivities an unforgettable experience this year! 

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