How to Choose the Right Incense for Yourself – Part 2

In the first part of ‘How to Choose the Right Incense for Yourself’, we discussed how incense comes in different sizes and shapes and how overwhelming it can be when selecting the right fragrance for yourself. In part two of the series, we will be exploring the different types of (mainly traditional) fragrances available in the market and their benefits. With this information, we aim to help you assimilate the fragrances and make an informed decision about which incense suits your needs.


Cinnamon incense sticks are well known for their spicy and woody aroma. If you are looking for a fragrance that enhances your ability to concentrate and boosts your creativity, then the cinnamon scent is perfect for you! They also help in preventing infections and help relieve muscle stress. They act as a great companion during meditation and physical exercise sessions.


If you want to create a warm, refreshing, and a relaxing environment at home, Lavender incense sticks should be on your checklist. The scent is known to boost emotional well-being, and at the same time, relieve anxiety and mental stress. The flowery aroma helps restore a natural harmonic balance to your mental psyche.


A classic fragrance of jasmine is widely used during aromatherapy. Jasmine aroma is ideal for boosting confidence and creating a peaceful state of mind. It helps create a sensual, romantic atmosphere that enhances the libido and arouses a desire for romance in both men and women.


The warm and earthy aroma of patchouli helps purify the air and masks the unpleasant odours lingering in the premises. It promotes a relaxing environment and helps eliminate any lethargic feelings. Patchouli scent has an instant calming effect due to which it is essentially used to calm down mood swings and experience mental peace.


Known as a traditional or classic fragrance, sandalwood finds itself an essential item in the checklist for religious rituals. The aroma stimulates the brain cells that boost positivity, relaxes, and calms your senses, and aids sound sleep. The scent is mainly used during religious functions and social gatherings because of its ability to purify the air and deflate foul odours.

White Sage

The refreshing fragrance of White Sage is used during rituals for their ability to cleanse the premises off negative energy. They also act as an air freshener and as a relaxing companion during aromatherapy. They also possess excellent anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that ward off infections and promotes healthy living.

Palo Santo

The traditional woody, musky, and naturally citrusy fragrance of Palo Santo is ideal for spiritual events and rituals. Like White Sage, they are also known to cleanse a premise of negative vibes and fill it with positivity energy, and optimism. The soothing aroma also offers a calming effect and uplifts the mood with positive energy.

We hope you can now figure out which fragrance is ideal for you with this much information! If you still can’t decide, have a look at our range of various incense products. If you have any queries, please drop us a message through the contact form given below, and we will do our best to resolve your question and help choose the right incense for you!

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