7 Incense Resins That Help You Ward Off Negative Energy


Resins are a natural incense which is harvested from the gum trees via ‘tapping’. The extracting is executed in a sustainable way that ensures no harm is done to the tree. Natural resins are obtained from the trees in their purest form and have been in use as an incense since ancient times. 

When burned, they give out a rich and deep smoky aroma that helps ward off negative energy just like sage. These resins are known globally to heal and protect our bodies and space from negative and harmful vibes. Below we have listed seven sacred resins that you can use for high and positive vibrations around you home and office space.


They have a pleasant vanilla undertone along with earthy balsam notes. Benzoin is used commonly in churches due to their purification and prosperity benefits. Medically, it is used as a sedative and acts as an effective remedy against congestion and eliminates stagnation. The fragrance offers pleasing warmth to the heart and increases blood circulation.


This powerful resin is extracted from the trees found mostly in the Middle East and North Africa. It comes with a spiritual history as it is one of the three gifts given to infant Jesus by the three wise men. Apart from eliminating negativity, they act as an effective anti-depressant and stress buster. Its ability to enhance clairvoyance makes it ideal companion during meditation.


This healing resin is also obtained from the Middle East and North Africa region; however, they are also known to thrive in Northern India. Similar to Frankincense, Myrrh was one of the three gifts given to Infant Jesus. The tale shows how significant the resin has been since ancient times. The ancient Egyptians used Myrrh for healing purposes and religious rituals. The resin is known to maintain a state of enlightenment and purifies the premises from negative energy.


This traditional resin has a clearing, crisp, and sharp aroma that helps purify the negative energy and uplifts the premises with positivity. Copal is obtained from the sap of the Bursera tree found in Mexico. It is believed Mayan Indians used them during religious ceremonies. They offered it as a sacred offering to appease the Gods.

Dragon’s Blood

A native of Southeast Asia, this dark red resin is extracted from the rattan palm tree. It gives out a heavenly fragrance that uplifts the mood and enhances productivity. Due to its energy lifting and productivity-boosting abilities, they are commonly used in office spaces. Medically, they are used to treat wounds and heal intestinal disorders.


The clear pale yellow natural resin is obtained from trees growing in Southeast Asia’s rain forests. Damar resin is known to uplift the spirits and reduce sadness and melancholy from the premises and bringing calmness to the soul. Damar is also known as Cat’s eye resin for its crystal-clear optical qualities and very high refractive index.


This orthodox-style resin is a blend of three traditional resins: Frankincense, Myrrh, and Benzoin. The resin gives out an aroma that creates an atmosphere that bolsters peace and tranquillity. Because of this, they are commonly used at religious centers and at home during prayers.

It’s time to move over sage and start using resins to clear negative energy from your space. Which one are you opting for?

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