White Sage Incense Sticks

White Sage Incense Stick

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Hem Incense has pioneered the art of manufacturing superior quality incense sticks. We boast of the widest range of innovative incense products. We manufacture our incense sticks from bamboo sticks and charcoal. They are known to offer mesmerizing and pleasant aroma suitable for any occasion and ritual.

Hem Corporation has 30+ years of experience in manufacturing incense sticks. The process is based mainly on our traditional knowledge of fragrances. Our range of incense sticks are manufactured at our facilities in Mumbai and Bengaluru and are exported to over 70+ countries. They offer superior quality at affordable prices.

White Sage Incense Sticks are majorly used to cleanse negativity vibes and aids concentration. The fragrance is majorly used for its smudging purposes and helps imbibe positivity in an environment. Hence it is popularly used for ceremonies and rituals across many cultures and continents. The incense stick is known to burn for longer duration and the fragrance lingers for a long period


Product Description

Colour Black
Caution Light, the coated end of incense stick, once lit, blow the flame out. Place incense stick away from the flammable materials, on a fireproof and a heat resistant surface. Use Incense Stick holder. Keep out of reach of children. Not for Human Consumption. Not tested on animals. Refer pack for other details.


Burning Time 30-40 mins per stick
Net Contents

20 sticks

Pack Type Hexagonal box
Stick Size

9 inch