Why is Gulab & Mogra Agarbatti the Fragrance of India’s Festive Season?

Being a spiritual and culturally rich country, festivals are at the heart of people’s lives in India. With a festival to celebrate every month, India is certainly the land of abundant festivities. Every festive celebration in the country is incomplete without devotion to the divine through Puja ceremonies. Burning Agarbattis during these holy rituals and prayers is pivotal to align your thoughts with the almighty and create an ambience that invokes tranquility in the mind. Gulab and Mogra are two of the most pious Floral Agarbattis burnt during the festive seasons due to their vibrant, delicate yet powerful fragrance. In this blog, let’s explore all the reasons why these two fragrances are at the very core of India’s festive season and how they create a wonderful ambience for holy rituals or festive celebrations.

India’s Vibrant Festive Season

This year the festive season in India begins in August with Onam (August 12th -23rd) which is the harvest festival of India’s southern state of Kerala, Raksha Bandhan (August 22nd) followed by Krishna Janmashtami (August 30th – 31st) that is the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna. The spectacular 10-11 days of Ganesh Chaturthi (also called Vinayak Chaturthi) celebration falls in the month of September and ends with Anant Chaturdashi on September 10th this year. Like every year, October and November is the festive showstopper with Durga Ashtami/ Dusshera and Diwali slated to be celebrated in the respective months. Whether it is the major festivals or the small ones that fall amidst them, lighting mesmerizing Floral Agarbattis of Gulab and Mogra fragrance can amplify your festive spirit boundlessly. Still wondering how? Keep reading to know!

Gulab Agarbatti and Why use it During Festivals

Enchanting at its very best, the fragrance of Gulab Agarbatti is as ancient as 3000 B.C and was believed to be at the center of many cultures around the world, from Roman, Greek, Egyptian to Indian and other Asian countries. Its aroma has the innate ability to uplift the spirit which is precisely why it is preferred by devotees as offerings to the holy deities during prayers and celebrations. It is believed that Gulab is the flower most loved by Lord Vishnu. Hindus offer this flower to Lord Krishna who is an avatar of Lord Vishnu. According to Hindu mythology, once Brahma and Vishnu debated about the most beautiful flower. While Brahma favored the Lotus flower, Vishnu named the Gulab flower. When they could not agree on one of them, Vishnu took Brahma to his celestial garden wonderfully laden with beautiful Gulab flowers. Fascinated by this look Brahma accepted that Gulab is the most beautiful flower of all.

A global symbol of love, beauty and purity, Gulab Agarbatti fragrance infuses theroyal and divine energy of the Gulab flower into the air which heals your mind, relaxes your muscles and stimulates positive thoughts enriching the aura of all holy ceremonies and festive celebrations.

Mogra Agarbatti and Why Use it During Festivals

Sacred and versatile, the fragrance of Mogra Agarbatti has a distinctive place in Indian culture. It has been weaved into garlands and ornaments for generations and has been used to denote the purity of Goddess Saraswati who is known to be as fair and pure as this pristine, white fragrant flower. The strong and lovely fragrance of the milky white Mogra flowers make it the perfect offering to Gods. It can be offered to all the Gods but Lord Shiva, Vishnu, Surya and Goddess Saraswati are particularly worshiped with this flower. Hindus also give a Mogra-infused water bath to the idols of various Gods. This is done at many famous temples like that of Lord Jagannatha at Puri, Orissa.

During festivities, a crowded environment can drain your energy easily.  The sweet, rich and energizing aroma of Mogra Agarbatti is an instant mood up-lifter and transforms any stressful environment into a peaceful one. It has the power to cleanse your mind and heart with its immaculate fragrance for a vibrant festive celebration.

Every festive celebration in India is incomplete without the fragrance of Floral Agarbattis. This festive season, lighting Gulab or Mogra Agarbattis will pour the magnificent aroma of these blossoming flowers throughout the holy rituals and celebrations to make your festivities abundantly cheerful and unforgettable!

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