Top 5 Fragrances to Avoid the Musty Monsoon Odour!

The onset of monsoons brings a new wave of happiness. Though this season offers the best of nature, musty odour is its unfortunate downside. Lighting the right agarbatti not only overpowers foul smell but also creates an enchanting atmosphere.  

Why Light Agarbattis During Monsoons? 

Agarbatti is a quick and economical way of keeping moist odour at bay. It is available in a wide assortment of fragrances. Agarbattis are easy to light and instantly transform a gloomy ambience into a cheerful one. Its refreshes your mind and helps you feel energetic throughout the day.   

Must-Have Agarbattis for the Monsoon Season 


Tuberose is a fantastic monsoon fragrance. It stimulates the nerves and induces warmth throughout the body. Lighting a Tuberose agarbatti helps restore joy and optimism on a dull day. You can use it for auspicious occasions and festivities thatneed an instant rejuvenation. Tuberose is known for creating a sensual aura that inspires creativity, peace and prosperity.  

Palo Santo Cinnamon 

Palo Santo is an effective cleanser of negative energies. When combined with Cinnamon, it radiates a powerful force of positivity. Palo Santo Cinnamon agarbatti diffuses a delightful warm aroma in the air. It overpowers the damp odor effectively. This agarbatti works on a spiritual level and empowers you with a flourishing mindset. It is a quick energizer that complements the rainy season wonderfully. 

Champa Masala

This sweet and floralagarbatti uplifts your mood on a gloomy day. Champa Masala agarbatti fills the ambience with delight and ushers in a wave of optimism. It is perfect for a musty morning. This agarbatti is also a fantastic asset for religious rituals and ceremonies.


   Jasmine has a refreshing and relaxing floral vibe. It has an irresistibly sweet aroma that fills your heart with happiness, bliss and harmony. Lighting a Jasmine agarbatti subdues the moist stench instantly. It reduces nervous exhaustion and revitalizes the mind with ease.  


Musk agarbattioffers a rich and enchanting woody aura. It promotes overall mental and physical well-being. Musk helps to balance emotions and alleviate anxiety. This alluring agarbatti eliminates damp odor effortlessly and leaves the room smelling fresh all day.  

Monsoon is a season we look forward to with great excitement. Don’t let the moist smell dim your enthusiasm. Make every rainy day an aromatic delight. Create an invigorating ambience with these refreshing agarbatti fragrances. 

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