The Fragrance of New Year – Positivity Tips & Interesting Facts of Gudi Padwa

Gudi Padwa is the auspicious Hindu festival of new beginnings. Celebrated on the 13th of April this year, it is the first day of Chaitra month marking the start of a new year according to the Hindu calendar. As you shop for rangoli colors, flower petals, garlands, dry fruits and sweets for your loved ones, let’s learn some interesting facts about this spring festival and how to make it memorable with the sweet smell of agarbatti!

Interesting facts about Gudi Padwa

Gudi symbolizes the flag of Lord Brahma and Padwa (Pratipada in Sanskrit) is the first day of the lunar fortnight. It is also known as Samvatsar Padvo and Ugadi in the south, Navreh in Kashmir and, Cheti Chand by the Sindhi community. As per Hindu Mythology, it is believed to be the first day of the Universe’s creation which is why Lord Brahma is worshipped during this festival. It also symbolizes the victory of Lord Rama over Ravana and his successful return to Ayodhya. This is why Gudi is said to be a symbol of victory. The rituals begin with the customary oil bath and consuming neem leaves after worshipping the Gudi unfurled right outside each household. Adults and children alike wait eagerly for the bitter-sweet Prasad which is made using neem, coconut pulp, tamarind and jaggery. Gudi is prepared by tying a piece of fresh cloth around a 5 feet long bamboo stick with Neem leaves and sugar candy garland placed on top of it. The Gudi stick is then placed on a silver or bronze pot which is believed to keep evil spirits at bay and prosperity in life. This tradition was started by the great Maharashtrian warrior, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj after his victory. This day is considered to be auspicious to purchase gold, a new vehicle, home or to start a new business as it is believed to bring good luck.

Why ignite agarbatti to celebrate Gudi Padwa?

It is important to use agarbatti produced by a good incense stick manufacturer. This is because an Incense aroma is known to have a healing effect on both the body and mind. It helps enhance your mood and focus entirely on gaining oneness with the Almighty. It purifies the ambience, wards off negative energy and welcomes positivity. A good agarbatti supplier ensures that the incense you use calms your senses and has a soothing effect on your soul which is significant to celebrate this blissful and auspicious festival of newness.

Incense for a positive fresh Ugadi beginning 

Hem Champa Agarbatti – This warm, woodsy yet spicy fragrance is a great choice to celebrate Ugadi. Make sure you use one from a good agarbatti manufacturer in IndiaIts rich flowery aroma keeps the air at your home sweet-smelling when guests come to visit. 

Chandan Agarbatti – This fragrance is a significant part of every religious ritual as its enchanting and pleasant fragrance is best for festivities. This makes it the best choice when you unfurl and worship the Gudi. It eliminates foul odours and purifies the ambience with a calming aroma exuding positivity. 

Incense Gift Pack – Gudi Padwa is also about gifting your loved ones. An Incense Sticks Gift Pack is a unique and meaningful gift that will be a great companion for relaxation and aromatherapy. The different fragrances in a gift pack can be used for daily prayers, meditation, and yoga. For an auspicious occasion like Gudi Padwa, the captivating incense fragrances can be used to diffuse unpleasant odours and purify the air. Assorted Incense Cones, dhoop, resins and aromatic essential oils are other spiritually uplifting gift ideas for a renewed positive beginning to celebrate this festival. 

Other fragrances such as Gulab (Rose), Jasmine, Lavender and Lily are also rejuvenating fragrances of purity suitable for an auspicious Gudi Padwa celebration. For a great start this New Year, these fragrances will ensure that you keep your mind calm, embrace positivity and welcome endless prosperity!

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