Incredible Health Benefits of Lighting Agarbattis

Incredible Health Benefits of Lighting Agarbattis

Agarbatti is a thick stick covered in a substance which when burnt produces a pleasant fragrant smell. Agarbatti is an integral part of most rituals. The name is derived from agarwood which is commonly used in incense production. The oldest source of the use of incense is the Vedas. Incense-burning was used to create pleasing aromas as well as a medicinal tool. Amongst the many benefits that are there , the most incredible is that it acts as a catalyst in promoting holistic health.

Do Burning Agarbattis Provide Health Benefits for Real?

Agarbattis have been used for generations throughout the world not just for ritual purposes but also to facilitate well being. They are known to facilitate better sleep, increase concentration, help be more creative and motivated towards life.

Different fragrances or substances aid in offering theological, aesthetic, and utilitarian benefits. The Mantra Masala agarbattis, for example, are carefully handcrafted masala agarbattis that diffuse a pleasant aroma and create a positive atmosphere in your home’s decor. It’s regarded as a classic scent of serenity and prosperity.

5 Incredible Health Benefits of Lighting Agarbattis

1. Increases Concentration

Fragrances have a subtler effect on the mind and body than music, making them an ideal partner for work, study, or partaking in a hobby that requires specific focus. When working or studying, burning agarbattis improve alertness and concentration

2. Aids Sleep

Modern day lifestyle and hectic schedules have drastically altered our sleep patterns also leading to Insomnia in some people. Lavender helps calm your nerves resulting in better sleep . Hence burning Lavender agarbattis will help reduce your stress, bringing balance to your chakras and inducing good sleep.

3. Promotes Balanced Health

Smells can produce both psychological as well as physiological responses. A whiff of perfume can have a calming effect on your mind and body. A good fragrance not only can improve your mood but also does it without any side effects or the risk of addiction. Serotonin is a natural mood stabilizer that is activated when one burns agarbattis and can help with sleeping, eating, and digestion.

It helps reduce depression and regulate anxiety. Gulab agarbattis are known for their one-of-a-kind fragrance that instantly creates a cheerful environment.

4. An Asset for Air Purification

Certain floral and woody fragrances, such as those of Nag Champa and Sandalwood agarbattis, have cleansing properties. Lighting agarbattis is also a simple, quick, and convenient solution to mask unpleasant odours at home, such as those caused by cooking, pets, or dampness. Fragrances such as Cinnamon, Myrrh, and Frankincense agarbatti will immediately ‘clear’ the air, leaving behind a sense of freshness and a new beginning.

5. Helps Unwind and De-stress with Mindfulness

Light the agarbatti, curl up on the sofa with a cup of tea, a book and some relaxing music and ‘feel’ its fragrance. Alternatively, run a bath and light a soothing agarbatti to unwind. Spiritual fragrances such as that of Yog Chakra agarbattis will help you loosen up, allowing you to give yourself time and space away from the hassles of everyday living.

Burning an agarbatti in a room helps alleviate your mood and calm down your mind. The  fragrance activates your senses, relaxes your nerves and makes you less anxious. In short, it promotes holistic health. Go for these best quality, calming agarbatti fragrances and let them radiate fantastic health benefits in your life!

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