Feel the Fragrance of Sikkim’s International Flower Festival at Home with These Incense Fragrances

Sikkim’s International flower festival boasts of its splendid natural landscape throughout May. Its magnificent floral beauty can leave anyone spellbound. In this blog, we help you bring home Sikkim’s May air full of the enchanting smell of freshly cut grass and flowers in full bloom, with incense fragrances.

All you Need to Know About Sikkim’s International Flower Festival

Organized by the Government of Sikkim and celebrated in the entire month of May every year, this beautiful floral festival marks the bloom of various species of flowers in Gangtok, the northeast Indian state of Sikkim. The Flower Exhibition Centre displays several species of flowers, plants, trees and ferns near the White Hall Complex in Gangtok and have visitors from all over the world. 

Why Use Incense Fragrance to Create a Nature-Inspired Ambience at Home?

Incense fragrances are easy to use and can create the desired aromatic ambience anywhere anytime. They are known to ward off negative energy, boost mental strength and create a focused mindset. Nature-inspired fragrances such as floral and woody undertones help your mind travel to a different place altogether and reinforce the energy of that place in your daily lives. The International Flower Festival in the lap of nature is a place that brings happiness to the soul. Nature-inspired Incense fragrances offer that happiness right from the confines of your home.

Best Incense Fragrances for a Sweet-Smelling Flower Festival Ambience at Home

  • Gulab – Immerse yourself in the evocative fragrance of Gulab Incense. Precious Gulab Incense brings home the smell of freshly bloomed roses like the ones in the flower festival. This incense aroma lasts longer, boosts energy levels and fights mental depression with its mesmerizing and sweet smell.
  • Mogra – An instant mood up-lifter, Mogra is a fragrance that brings serenity and helps with insomnia. Precious Mogra incense is best for those days when you need a calming feel-good floral fragrance that fills up your senses marvelously.
  • Lily – Lilies symbolize purity and innocence. Experience the freshness of lilies in full bloom with Precious Lily Incense which brings tranquillity and serenity in your ambience, offering inner peace. 
  • Lavender – A pleasant aroma with powerful anti-depressant properties, Lavender aroma is a healer for the soul. Feel the bliss of Lavender from the flower festival with the Precious Lavender incense that rejuvenates your senses completely.
  • Chandan – For the woody and misty feel of forest and ferns from the flower festival opt for Precious Chandan Incenses. It exudes a positive aroma that boosts mental vigour and creates a tranquil earthy ambience.

If you are looking for the best of all worlds you can also burn the Precious 3 in 1 incense for a unique blend of floral fragrances experienced never before.

May is a month of absolute bliss for nature lovers. The sweet-smelling flowers in full bloom and the earthy fragrance can captivate your inner being. This May, come closer to the bliss that nature offers during the International flower festival, in the comfort of your home with these mesmerizing incense fragrances!

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