The Ultimate Crystal Cleansing Guide Using Patchouli Dhoop Sticks

Crystals are unique natural minerals believed to possess healing properties. These mystical little rocks aid in self-care, manifestation, protection, and other energy-yielding purposes. The most crucial aspect of working with crystals is cleansing them of negative energy. Crystals that have been charged and activated feel vivacious. The potent smell of Dhoop sticks absorbs negative energy, replenishing them with a healing essence. In addition, Patchouli Dhoop sticks to create an enticing earthy atmosphere that works wonders for crystal cleansing.   

Advantages of Patchouli Aroma for Crystal Cleansing  

Patchouli is a mood-uplifting scent with a profound grounding effect. Moreover, these Dhoop sticks are travel-friendly. You can use them anywhere to revitalize your crystals instantly. Below we’ve listed their excellent benefits for crystal cleansing. 

1. Powerful & Lasting -

Patchouli helps generate a powerful yet peaceful energy centre that lasts for a long time. In the Dhoop sticks form, they help recharge crystals productively. 

2. Aligns Chakras and Promotes Mindfulness - 

It aligns your chakras and encourages mindfulness. Balanced chakras help you partake holistically in the cleansing process. 

3. Induces Positivity and Emotional Stability - 

The calming Patchouli smell puts the mind at ease and helps you purify the crystals effectively. It stabilizes your emotions and fills you with positivity during the cleansing process.  

4. Therapeutic Properties -

Its sweet and woody aroma is powerfully therapeutic. It re-activates the crystals and imparts healing properties.  

3-Step Crystal Cleansing Guide Using Patchouli Dhoop Sticks 

Step 1: 

Begin the crystal cleansing process in a tranquil space. Light the Patchouli Dhoop Sticks, preferably in an incense holder. Next, create an aesthetic cleansing space with candles, gentle music and crystals of choice. You can also meditate before the process to clear your mind of all other worries and responsibilities. 

Step 2: 

Once you see a seamless aromatic flow of smoke from the Dhoop sticks, blow them out and pass each crystal through the smoke. Throughout the process, you can chant positive affirmations for the healing energy you’re trying to call into your life and space.  

Step 3:  

Patchouli Dhoop stick creates a soothing smoke bath that smudges the crystals of impurities and restores their healing properties. As smoke surrounds the crystal, focus on your goal. Speak your intention of setting a clean slate for energy and positivity to activate your crystal. 

Patchouli Dhoop sticks have a magnetic aura that helps recharge crystals effectively. Remember to focus on the feeling of gratitude and positivity as you cleanse your crystals with this incense. Its intense aroma gives you a pristine crystal re-energized to work for your highest good! 

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