Everything You Must Know Before You Buy an Air Freshener

Everything You Must Know Before You Buy an Air Freshener

At present, there are a plethora of innovative options available in the market for perfuming a space. Air Fresheners are a big part of this incense market. They are omnipresent, you find them everywhere in public washrooms, at the workplace, homes, hanging in the car, and many such familiar places. Yet they are frequently under scrutiny, and subject to questions such as – Are they effective? How are they manufactured, and are they harmful? What makes them different from other perfumed products?

Our blog is an attempt to somewhat clear the air from this long-drawn confusion around air fresheners.

What are Air Fresheners?

Air fresheners can be divided into two variants – Passive & Powered.

1. Powered Air Freshener

Powered are those air fresheners where the fragrance sits in a dispenser and works on either batteries or mains power to disperse the fragrance.

2. Passive Air freshener

Passive air fresheners do not require any power source to function. They need air and can be further categorized as continuous ones and those who are instant spray.

Air fresheners are made of volatile substances which helps to convert the liquid molecules to gas even at room temperatures. Aerosols are the most widely used spray air fresheners. Aerosol means something that dissolves in the air when exposed to room temperature. Thus, when the liquid is pushed out of the air freshener under pressure it evaporates.

The aerosol propellant gets mixed with the fragrance molecules before they are released into the air. This enables the air freshener to blanket the foul and unpleasant odors lingering in the premises. Our sense of smell is designed to detect gas molecules more efficiently than liquids. Air fresheners tap onto this one human quality whenever they are brought to function.

Are they effective or harmful?

Air fresheners don’t actually eliminate the foul odors; instead, they just blanket the bad smell with a fresh fragrance. This makes the premises pleasant to smell and breathe. However, there are air fresheners in the market that claim to eliminate the bad smells and, they do it with a molecule named cyclodextrin.

They are ring or doughnut-shaped molecules. Due to its cavity shaped interior, the odor molecules get attracted and trapped inside the cyclodextrin molecule. As they become more volatile when trapped, the foul odor gets eliminated from the premises.

Air Fresheners are not harmful if used safely, sensibly, and in moderate proportions. Always read the user instructions and make sure you abide by them. Also, remember to make sure you are buying good quality air fresheners that do not use any harmful alcohol in their contents; especially for those who have lung-related issues or are allergic to any particular fragrance. Always buy from a reputed air freshener wholesaler or manufacturer.

What makes air fresheners different from perfumes?

Perfumes function differently as compared to your standard air freshener; the former is also a bit expensive than the latter. The perfume contains water molecules that are unstable and break away from each other when diffused into the air. The process is faster when they are sprayed on a surface area that is exposed to air. Hence, they are ideally sprayed on the open spaces of the skin such as wrists and neck.

On the other hand, air fresheners linger in the air masking the foul smell or combine with the stinky odor molecules and eliminate them.

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