Breathe in Tranquillity with the Yog Chakra Product Range this International Yoga Day!

A spiritual discipline with its roots in Northern India’s Indus-Sarasvati civilization, yoga is a Vedic science that focuses on acquiring harmony between the mind and body. Practiced by millions worldwide, yoga is now a Universal symbol of balanced health which is why every year June 21st is commemorated globally as the International Day of Yoga by the United Nations.

As Yoga Day approaches us, let’s understand how you can calm your mind, balance your chakras and get the best out of your yoga sessions with the unique and divine fragrance of Yog chakra incense products.

Benefits of Practicing Yoga and Why is Chakra-Balancing Crucial?

Originated from the Sanskrit word, ‘Yuj’ which means ‘To Unite’, yoga has a rich history of over 5000 years. It is a holistic practice that focuses on controlling your breathing and thoughts through various physical postures called ‘Asanas’.

There are endless modern benefits of this ancient practice which includes improving mental agility, physical strength and balance, relieving stress, easing back pain, fortifying heart health, enhancing energy levels and many more.

According to Vedic science, there are 7 main Chakras which are the concentrated energy centers of the body. They absorb, integrate and emanate energy during yoga and meditation. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘Wheel’. When perfectly balanced, they help function the human body at optimal levels, attracting abundance, good health and prosperity.

How Specific Fragrances in the Ambience Help During Yoga?

It is a common practice to burn fragrant products during Yoga practice as it has several perks and can enhance your yoga experience even further. Specific fragrances such as that of the Yog Chakra Incense sticks, cones and air freshener spray eliminate foul odours and negativity from the air, diffusing a positive and calming aroma around you as you practice yoga. They help heal your chakras allowing you to meditate better, accentuating the benefits of yoga for your body, mind and soul.

Enhancing your Yoga Sessions with the Yog Chakra Aroma

Yog Chakra Masala Incense Sticks 

Chakras determine your spiritual fitness. Yog chakra premium masala incense sticks have the essence of unique herbs, flowers, leaf extracts, resins, essential oils, and spices that help balance your chakras effectively. It lets your mind move to a serene place relaxing your body, mind and soul for a deeper meditation experience.

Hand-rolled Yog chakra masala incense sticks produce the least smoke when ignited exuding a delicate yet mysterious aroma in the air which empowers mental wellness and also lets you concentrate on your physical strength during the yoga practice without any disruptions.

Yog Chakra Masala Incense Cones 

While performing any yoga-related activity, if you’d prefer burning incense cones, the Yog Chakra Masala Cones would be a perfect asset that diffuses a tranquil fragrance that eliminates toxins and negative vibes. It creates a serene atmosphere throughout your yoga session and helps you focus completely.

Hem Yog Chakra Masala Cones can manifest the perfect setting for yoga sessions by filling the ambience with a pleasant aroma that represents sheer purity.

Yog Chakra Air Freshener Spray

Wonder how great it would be if you could carry the delicate and divine, chakra-balancing fragrance of Yog chakra incense in a spray? Yog Chakra air fresheners let you diffuse a serene and calming aroma anywhere anytime.

It allows you to easily spray a deep and mysterious aroma creating an ambience full of positive energy during the yoga, meditation or spiritual sessions. It also purifies the space and balances energy around you. This further awakens your chakras, fortifies mental focus, and spiritually connects you with the divine.

The wide and relaxing range of Yog Chakra products is the perfect companion for meditation, yoga, and chakra healing. It soothes your body, mind and soul entirely, allowing you to experience a flawlessly divine, fruitful and meditative oneness with your true self during the yoga practice. 

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