Precious Mogra Economy

Precious Mogra Economy Incense Stick

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Hem Incense Sticks are manufactured using naturally obtained ingredients. Their fragrance leaves everyone feeling calm and relaxed. They also act as organic disinfectants that drive away insects and are used at home and offices as an air freshener. We also manufacture a wide range of incense products that offers you the best experience for all your purposes.

Hem Precious Mogra offers a delicate, floral, and festive fragrance that impacts your mood positively. Since ages, people in India believe that the Mogra fragrance works against the symptoms of insomnia, bronchitis, headache, anxiety, and depression. Mogra as a flower is also a commonplace during religious functions and rituals.

Hem Precious Mogra offers calm and lively surroundings for all age groups. They offer a burning time of around 35-40 minutes, and its fragrance lasts for a longer duration. They make a right and safe choice for gifting your close friends and family a token of positivity.


Product Description

Colour Black
Caution Light, the coated end of incense stick, once lit, blow the flame out. Place incense stick away from the flammable materials, on a fireproof and a heat resistant surface. Use Incense Stick holder. Keep out of reach of children. Not for Human Consumption. Not tested on animals. Refer pack for other details.


Burning Time 30 min per stick
Net Contents

100 sticks

Pack Type Cuboid box
Stick Size

8 inch