Why Nag Champa Should Top Your Incense Checklist?

Why Nag Champa Should Top Your Incense Checklist?

Many a time, while walking past a meditation or yoga studio, massage parlor, or a gift store, you must have unknowingly experienced the exotic misty aroma of the Nag Champa incense. The iconic earthy fragrance of Nag Champa is slowly making it the first choice of the connoisseurs of incense. Nag Champa is an amalgamation of different herbs, pure sandalwood, resins, gums, and oils extracted from various flowers.

People who have smelled Nag Champa fragrance submit that the scent brings back happy memories of those beautiful and fragrant backyards of their old house. Due to its positive and relaxing effect on your mind, Nag Champa is majorly used during meditation and yoga.

Let’s explore the various forms and benefits of Nag Champa in more detail

1. Excellent Stress Buster & Aphrodisiac

Nag Champa has a soothing fragrance that helps relax your nerves and reduce stress. Once you are home from a stressful day, you can choose between lighting a Nag Champa incense stick or use an oil diffuser to fill up the rooms with the peaceful aroma. Also, it works as an excellent natural aphrodisiac. Although it is not specifically marketed as an aphrodisiac, its misty sandalwood scent tends to stimulate the amorous desires of both genders.

2. Overwhelm Unpleasant Odours

The combination scent of the Nag Champa ingredients such as the sandalwood and the resins overpower any bad and less desirable odors. Nag Champa’s scent tends to linger for longer duration as compared to other incense products and is resonant with that of the flower markets in India. Thus, offering a perfect natural alternative to artificial and often harmful air-fresheners and liquids.

3. Health Benefits

Nag Champa essential oils or even the soap form act as an excellent antiseptic and insect repellant. Sandalwood being a significant component of its ingredients, products made from Nag Champa incense are known to have anti-inflammatory properties and can be used for any skin related problems. When inhaled in acceptable amounts, it boosts the immune system and ensures the healthy functioning of our internal organs.

4. Other Benefits

Nag Champa incense sticks are a stupendous hit among religious devotees and places of worship across the globe. Its peaceful fragrance lingers for a longer duration, calms the devotees, and helps them focus on their prayers and rituals.

The aroma transports you to a world that is devoid of any problems and distractions that trouble your mind regularly. Also, Nag Champa products are considered to be exotic, premium quality yet affordable and healthy, making it a perfect gift for any occasion. 

Where to Buy Authentic Nag Champa Incense stick?

The scent of Nag Champa can be soothing and at the same time heavy and powerful for some. Hence, it is recommended to burn the incense in a room that has excellent ventilation. Authentic Nag Champa products are 100% natural and do not contain any chemicals or artificial ingredients in them.

However, while making soaps and other related products, the concentration of the ingredients might differ. Thus, it is advisable to buy Nag Champa products only from authorized and reputed sellers.

HEM Nag Champa incense sticks are hand-rolled and have a unique blend of natural ingredients that offers an aromatic fragrance and experience. With our affordable and wide range of Nag Champa products, you are not just bringing the incense home but also a sense of calmness and peace!.

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