What Makes Incense Cones So Popular? How Is It Different From An Incense Stick? Read To Know!

You must be familiar with a traditional incense stick or have used one at your home or office. An incense stick as the name suggests comes in a stick form and upward traveling smoke. However, incense also comes in a cone form with smoke traveling upward and sometimes downwards. The best thing about incense cones is that they don’t throw their ashes everywhere; they keep it nice and tidy in one place.

Incense cones are used for the same purpose as incense sticks, the only difference being in the burning time and aesthetics.

Let’s explore some more Differences Below –

1. Shape –

The first and most obvious one is the shape. An incense stick is a small and tiny wooden stick with ingredients wrapped around it. On the other hand, an incense cone is tightly wrapped incense balls, which are conical or oval in shape.

2. Burning Time –

Incense cones due to their thick structure and shape take more time to burn than the incense sticks.

3. Burning equipment –

Unlike incense sticks which require a unique incense stick holder with holes, Incense cones do not require such assisting equipment. They can be placed on old bowls and plates, which we no longer need. Special burners are only needed for backflow cones.

4. Expiry –

Both incense cones and sticks have the same useful life or expiry. However, any incense products stay for a longer duration, if stored in proper storage containers.

Let’s Move our focus towards the Advantages of Burning an Incense Cone

Health Benefits –

Burning an incense cone has been proven to assist better health of our body, mind, and soul. It enhances concentration while studying and meditating. Other health benefits include excellent prevention against infections, offers relief from stress and headaches; the pleasant aroma helps reduce depression and anxiety.

Soothing Fragrance –

The steady and smoky fragrance coming out of an incense cone helps create a peaceful ambiance, anywhere, anytime. Hence, it is widely used in homes and offices.

Spiritual Benefits –

Incense cones are manufactured mainly from raw materials such as naturally obtained resins and gums. This makes the incense cones effective when driving off negative energy from the house. Their cleansing property of the incense cones finds wide usage in religious and spiritual purposes.

Even with this wide range of benefits, it is recommended to purchase incense cones with natural ingredients. Hem Incense manufactures & wholesale incense cones that are a perfect blend of natural ingredients and fragrances. They are a creation of traditional oils to enliven any premises they are lit in. 

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