What are Backflow Cones and How Do They Work?

In our previous blog, we discussed a new form of incense, namely, cones. In this blog, we will discuss a new variant of incense cones – Backflow cones. As the name suggests, they are cone-shaped incense that emits incense smoke in the opposite direction as that of a standard cone, i.e. in the downward direction. This is mainly due to its small and hollow tunnel that runs through the middle of the cone and ends up in a hole at the bottom of the cone.

How do they work?

Incense smoke is usually denser than normal air as it contains tiny smoke particles. When a standard incense cone is lit, smoke flows in the upward direction as hot air is lighter than room-temperature air. However, smoke travels through the hollow tunnel with backflow cones and cools down as it travels the hollow path. After it cools, it becomes denser and exits from the bottom of the cone and in the downward direction.

How to light them? 

  1. Hold the backflow incense cone in your hand or with the help of some tweezers.
  2. Light the pointed end of the cone with a match stick or a lighter. Ensure that the incense cone is completely immersed in the flame until it starts burning in its small flame. 
  3. Gently blow out the flame as you do with the birthday candles.
  4. After completely blowing out the flame and the remnants, check the bottom of the cone.
  5. If you observe a glowing ember and a cloud of smoke coming out of the bottom, then the incense cone is rightly burnt.
  6. Wait for a minute or so for the smoke to come out of the bottom of the cone. If you don’t see any glowing ember or witness any smoke, then you must have accidentally blown out the cone and may have to light the cone again.
  7. Once righty lit, place the backflow cone in the incense holder. Ensure that the bottom hole is rightly aligned with the seat hole of the incense holder. If not, the incense plume may get blocked, spoiling the experience completely.

Once completely lit, it is challenging to put off a backflow cone, and it cannot be used again later. The best way to put off a backflow cone is by immersing it in a cup of water. 

Words of Caution!

Below are a few things you need to take care of when dealing with flammable things like incense cones.

  1. Always place the incense on a heat-resistant and non-flammable surface.
  2. Keep them out of reach of children and pets and never leave them unattended.
  3. Do not touch the ashes just after the incense has gone out. The same applies to the burner. Allow them to cool down for a few minutes.

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