Top Yoga Essentials: Incense for the Body, Mind & Soul

Peaceful young woman is sitting on mat while doing yoga. She is flexing leg and stretching arm up. Her eyes are closed with tranquility. Aroma smoke of frankincense is spread over the room

More than a work-out, Yoga is a Work-in. You work on reflecting within and finding your inner balance. It goes far beyond the Yoga Mat. It is an accepting and giving experience. Its origin can be traced back to North India as it was first mentioned by the Rishis (Sages) in the Rig Veda over 5000 years ago. Burning an Incense Stick during Yoga is a practice that is followed for generations. There are abundant benefits that Incense offers for a calming effect on your mind during Yoga. Let’s understand why Incense aroma is beneficial for a holistic Yoga Practice and list some of the most essential Incense fragrances that will ensure a fulfilling unison of the body, mind and soul. 

How Incense helps your Yoga Experience?

Yoga is incomplete without meditation. Incense aroma has the potency to soothe your senses and heal your chakras. It helps you relax, meditate and focus on your thoughts. You can dive into the depth of your mind and find the peace consequential for both physical as well as spiritual wellness. The balanced energy derived from incense fragrance enables you to practice Yoga to your full potential.

Best Incense for an effective Yoga Practice

Yog Chakra Masala Incense Sticks

A mind-intriguing yoga experience requires an ambiance that is filled with a delicate and mysterious fragrance. This is exactly what Yog Chakra Masala Incense sticks give you. These exquisite incense sticks are hand-rolled with a distinctive amalgamation of rare herbs, flower, leaf extracts, plants, and resins. It produces less smoke when ignited and exudes a fine quality fragrance. The Divine aroma heals your chakra, stimulates the mind positively, enhances energy levels, and promotes spirituality making it an essential companion for your Yoga Practice. 

Nag Champa Incense Sticks

This is a must-have incense for the days when you need a subtle woody and misty aroma to purify your yoga space. It can eliminate unnecessary odours and create a delightful smelling atmosphere. It discharges a fragrance that acts as a disinfectant too. The perfect blend of flowers, spices, and herbs in Nag Champ Incense Sticks restores your spirit and sends a soothing ripple of calmness all over your senses. 

Palo Santo Incense Sticks

A medical boon for generations, Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens) translates to Holy Wood in Spanish. This unique wood from the tropical forests specific to the South American countries has a rich fragrant aroma that is unlike any other. Palo Sato Incense Sticks are the perfect companion for those days when you wish to cleanse the air with positive vibes and keep negativity at bay. It also works well for gloomy days when your mood needs uplifting. Its authentic, musky and citrusy fragrance replenishes energy levels and gives your mind the zeal required for a power-packed Yoga session. 

An aromatic aura can unwind and empower your mind to steer clear of negative thoughts. It reduces stress, amplifies concentration and promotes positive thinking. The power of your mind is highly significant for a great Yoga session. The right Incense aroma can soothe your soul, relax your mind, and rejuvenate your body!

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