Top Five Benefits of Incenses for Crystal Healing

The power of crystals is profound and intriguing. It is the foundation of alternative therapies like crystal healing. The restful incense fragrance enhances the crystal healing process. Let’s understand how this works. 

What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal healing is the process of using gemstones to instill balance in an individual’s life. Crystals have different combinations of minerals that cleanse, balance and realign energies. When used correctly, they act like tuning forks and bring harmony to an unsteady energy field.  

Benefits of Using Incense Fragrance for Crystal Healing Rituals

Creates a Spiritual Energy Field

The mystical smell of Jasmine incense sticks helps you create a spiritual aura around you. It amplifies the benefits of the healing ritual. These incense sticks also boost your mind’s strength during the crystal healing process.

Purifies the Air to Boost the Healing Process 

White Sage incense sticks quickly diffuse a purifying aroma around you. It cleanses the air of negative energies. This fragrance acts as a great precursor for crystal healing. You can also use this for cleansing your crystals from residual energies.

Encourages Profound Meditation

Lotus is the flower of wisdom and serenity. When you burn a Lotus incense stick, it tranquilizes the crystal healing space. Its distinctive aura combines with the crystal energy to empower you with meditative abilities.

Curbs Pessimistic Thoughts

It is significant to avoid negative vibes during crystal healing. Patchouli incense sticks reduce anxious thoughts and help you relax. You can also try lighting Lavender incense sticks as it offers a renewed spirit and clarity of mind.

Manifest Good Health, Peace, and Prosperity

Crystal healing aims at cultivating rewarding avenues in your life. Burning a Musk incense stick during this process evokes positive energies of creativity and confidence. Lighting Red Rose incense sticks fill your mind with love and forgiveness. These fragrances also help you attract peace, prosperity, and good health.

Crystals like Jade brings good health, Citrine amplifies creativity, Amethyst fortifies meditation, turquoise offers wisdom, and Quartz instills healing. Incense fragrance augments the power of each of these crystals. It brings abundant positive energies to your crystal healing ritual, making it a fruitful experience!

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