The Perfect Guide to Meditate with Crystals and Incense Sticks

The perfect meditation experience requires the right kind of elements that help you elevate your senses. Crystals and incense are two effective companions that will bring the best out of your meditative journey. When it comes to crystals the most important thing is to create a ritual around them that will empower you to make its effect more powerful and dynamic. When coupled with the power of incense aroma, you happen to benefit from the most flawless mediation ritual. So, let’s explore the world of crystal-induced meditation and how you can make it a rewarding experience with incense fragrance!

The Perfect Crystal and Incense Induced Meditation Ritual

How you interact with your crystals is very personal. An age-old practice, crystal healing has been used for spiritual pursuits for centuries. It is believed that you are drawn intuitively towards the crystal of your choice. Crystals such as rose quartz, fluorite, smoky quartz, amethyst, green aventurine, and many others are used for ritualistic meditation to calm the mind and align thoughts. Holding a particular crystal of choice (or keeping it nearby) while meditation can augment your practice, open your consciousness and strengthen your connection to the earthly elements around you. Using calming fragrances such as Lavender, Jasmine, Sage, and Sandalwood incense sticks prove to be very effective in relaxing the mind while meditating with these crystals.  

You can begin with finding a quiet place to sit, unwind and meditate. Light an incense stick and let its serene fragrance pacify your mind. You could also play some peaceful music such as that of sea-breeze or nature’s sound to amplify this tranquil experience. As you take a few deep, cleansing breaths, close your eyes and quiet your mind. Hold the stone you want to work in your hands (alternatively you can set it nearby), and imagine its energy pulsating through your body and soul. Feel its symphony cleansing the energy within and around you. Focus on your breath as the synergy of the incense fragrance and crystals continues to soothe your mind. 

Things to Keep in Mind while Meditating with Crystals and Incense


Cleanse your crystals with an incense aroma before you begin. This is a very simple process that includes passing your crystals through incense smoke. You could use the cleansing aroma of Palo Santo and Sage incense sticks for this ritual.


Another very significant step to incorporate in your meditation ritual is to connect with your higher self. You can do this during meditation while chanting positive affirmations as you feel energy vibrations from the incense fragrance and crystals ground your inner spirit to the higher power.

Watch your timing 

An effective crystal-induced meditative ritual should ideally last for more than 30 minutes during which the crystals should be held close to your body for at least 20 minutes. If you don’t wish to hold the crystals during meditation, you could align them in crystal grids that involve creating an intentional shape around you or directly in front of you.

Give it a proper end

When the meditation session is over, don’t move on to other things quickly. Don’t rush and close your practice smoothly. It is crucial to stretch your body, assimilate your thoughts, drink water to detoxify the impact of any negative residue, and gradually become aware of yourself. Also, if you happen to meditate daily it’s wise to add crystals to your meditation ritual, not more than once every week.

There are various ways in which meditating with crystals and incense can benefit your life. You could unwind in a bath after a long day at work to detox the negative energies or calm your mind through crystal-induced chakra balancing before an important event with this ritual. The power of incense aroma during these rituals help you to fortify your mind and manifest your thought in the best possible way, thus, impacting your life positively!

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