How to Make the Most of White Sage & Palo Santo Incense Sticks

White Sage and Palo Santo have been amongst the most sought-after energy cleansing incenses for ages. Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens), Holy Wood in Spanish is obtained from a tree of the same name that’s native to Peru, Ecuador, and other South American countries. Known to be sacred and a pivotal energy cleanser, White Sage also has been highly significant for the ancient tribes of the west. The stress-filled lives of today’s modern world demand constant energy purification which is why we dive deep into the attributes of these cleansing fragrances and the best ways to use them!

Why is Energy Cleansing Significant?

The kind of energy you are surrounded with impacts your pattern of thinking. It can also alter your disposition and productivity levels. This is why energy cleansing is substantial and releases positivity in your life. There are various ways of energy cleansing, out of which using incense fragrances such as that of Palo Santo and White Sage tops the list.

How to use Palo Santo Incense sticks?

Palo Santo has a woody, powerful and penetrative fragrance that eases stress and promotes holistic healing. It can be used as incense sticks, resins or essential oils. A great companion for meditation, yoga and other reflective activities, Palo Santo incense sticks help you leverage this healing aroma anywhere anytime. Whether you are using Palo Santo incense sticks to smudge or to simply enjoy its fragrance, follow these below steps to get the best out of its soothing energy:

  • Hold the Palo Santo Incense Stick slightly upside down (preferably at a 45-degree angle) and light its tip with a candle, lighter, or match until there is a small flame. After a minute or so, blow it out so that only smoke is produced.
  • Place it on an angle embers-down in a heatproof bowl such that it continues burning and gently blow on the embers when needed. This is known as smudging.
  • You could also re-lit it more times to let it constantly diffuse its essential oils and energetic properties in the air.
  • Try putting a few small rocks in the heatproof bowl and put the embers into the rock bed so that you can put them out when finished. 

How to use White Sage Incense sticks?

The ancient spiritual practice of Sage smudging has its roots embedded in the Native American culture of the Lakota, Chumash, Cahuilla, among many others. There are plenty of Sage variants used for this practice of which White Sage is quite common. White Sage Incense Sticks are easy to use and is a purifying tool widely used around the world to dispel negative energy, smudge specific spaces or objects, boost cognition, energy levels, positive mood, and pacify stressed nerves. Make the most of the spiritually cleansing White Sage Incense Sticks by following these below steps:

  • Burn the White Sage Incense Sticks on one end preferably with a match stick.
  • Blow out the flame after a minute and let it smolder slowly, releasing thick smoke. Direct this smoke around your body and space to begin the energy cleansing process.
  • Let the incense linger on the areas of your body or surrounding environment where you’d like to focus on specifically. You could also use a fan or feather to help direct the smoke towards the desired area (Optional).
  • Allow the ash to be accumulated in a heatproof dish or ceramic bowl. Never leave burning incense unattended.

When the process is followed correctly, Palo Santo and White Sage Incense Sticks can be used to the best of their potential. Enjoy and let the fragrance of these incense sticks calm your senses, tranquilizing your ambience and your inner being perfectly through a fruitful cleansing experience.

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