Best Ways to Use Resin Incense for Healing & Rejuvenation

Existed since the beginning of civilization, Resin Incense has a lot to offer to mankind. It is one of the oldest aromatics and has been burned for centuries during sacred rituals. Burning resin is a different experience altogether that promotes healing and rejuvenation. Let us walk you through all there is to these fascinatingly fragrant substances and the best ways in which you can use them to find ultimate tranquillity.

All there is to Resin Incense 

Used since biblical days, Resin incense is made from small beads of hardened tree saps. The dried pellets require heating to be used as incense. When burnt they release an intense yet stimulating woody fragrance that creates a captivating ambience around you. Frankincense and Myrrh are some of the most common resin incense known for their rich and uniquely scented history. The lingering aroma of Resin incense is believed to deepen spirituality which makes them perfect for all kinds of purification, cleansing, or religious rituals.

Rejuvenating Perks of Resin Incense 

Before we move ahead to the part where we explore the different ways of using Resin Incense for healing and rejuvenation, here are some of the benefits of Resin Incense that can turn around your life spiritually!

  • All Resin Incenses are powerfully aromatic and have a lingering fragrance that you can benefit from for a long time.
  • They are great mood up-lifters especially on those anxious days when you need to ward off negative energies and welcome positive vibes. Its strong aroma overpowers undesired energy or odour quickly and easily, helping you concentrate on good thoughts.
  • The aroma of Resin Incense is known to evoke specific emotions related to deep spirituality which makes them a great asset to create the desired ambience for cleansing rituals and meditation sessions. Ancient religions such as the Shamans and the Tantric tradition of Hinduism believe that burning Resin incense can heal people from within by interacting with the spiritual realm and attaining an altered state of consciousness.

Great ways to use Resin Incense 

Different Resin incenses work in different ways to nurture your soul. You can pick the Resin incense that resonates the most with you. Frankincense, Myrhh, Copal, Damar are a few of the many resin fragrances you can choose from during your cleansing, rejuvenation or meditative healing sessions.

  • The fragrance of Myrrh Resin Incense is associated with tranquillity and is best used during meditation to connect with your energy center and balance the chakras.
  • If you wish to create a sacred space around you during religious or cleansing rituals burning Copal Resin Incense helps in purification and inspires insights into the divine.
  • Everybody has days when they don’t have the mental strength or motivation to get out of bed or do something productive. The strong, lingering and enchanting fragrance of Frankincense Resin Incense comes to your rescue on these days and instils the lost energy back into your drained spirit. 
  • You can use different ways to burn your Resin incense effectively. The most common way is to burn the Resin over a charcoal disk that is placed in a heat-resistant bowl or an ethnic censer (specialized burners) that are a treat to the eyes.
  • Remember to pick the hot charcoal only with tongs after you are done with your ritual and to never leave a burning charcoal disk unattended. On those days when you are short of time and can’t afford to burn a charcoal disk, another great alternative would be to use Resin incense sticks that give you the same delightful aroma! 

The aroma of Resin incense can empower your soul, stimulate the senses and help you dive into the world of rejuvenation. Their fragrance helps revive your drooping spiritual strength and heals the subconscious mind, encouraging you to face life with a new perspective. Get into the habit of burning Resin Incense at least once a week and see the meditative transformation in an ambiance induced with its alluring aroma!

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