Aura Cleansing Incenses to Purify Any Space with Positivity

Aura is the energy radiated by someone around you. It is the energy field around a person that is capable of attracting different emotions, spiritual debris, circumstances and vibes from the surrounding. As you exchange energies with those around you, your aura can experience stress which is precisely why regular aura cleansing is significant to welcome a positive state of mind. Let’s understand the benefits of aura cleansing and the incense fragrances that acts as the perfect asset for purifying energy around you!

Perks of Aura Cleansing 

All things possess energy which is how they send out vibes. The kind of energy one radiates manifests a positive or a negative aura. Timely aura cleansing heals the mind at the fundamental level infusing peace, wisdom, tranquillity and renewed confidence in oneself. It cleanses your thoughts of negativity and anxiety, liberating you from the stress of modern-day living such as insomnia, depression, low confidence, etc. It rejuvenates both the body and mind and reduces energy challenges that hinder your growth. 

How Burning Incense Helps in Aura Cleansing?

A toxic aura can deplete your mental and physical health. It can also block the chakras, inhibiting “Prana” which in Sanskrit is identified as the vital life force responsible for keeping us vibrant, healthy, and alive. When you light an incense stick, the gradual diffusion of its aroma in the air purifies the aura around you with positive vibes and uplifts your body, mind, and soul, resulting in greater productivity in your daily lives.

Top Five Incense Fragrances for the Perfect Aura Cleansing

1. Palo Santo Incense

Crafted from the ancient Palo Santo (Spanish for holy wood) trees, the woody and relaxing fragrance of these incense sticks clear negative energy from every ambience effectively and purifies it with its lasting divinity. You can use Palo Santo incense sticks at home during yoga or meditation as well as in the office to ease your senses and magnify energy levels.

2. Rosemary Incense

This traditional scent instantly uplifts your mood, clears the mind of unproductive thoughts and relieves stress, replenishing your soul with gushing positivity. The best way to use Rosemary incense sticks is during meditations while chanting positive affirmations for a renewed spirit.

3. White Sage Incense

Fundamental to any smudging (spiritual cleansing) ritual, the powerful woody fragrance of White Sage is popular for its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Burning White Sage incense sticks clears our spiritual impurities making it easier to cultivate a positive aura around us.

4. Cinnamon Incense

The spicy-sweet aroma of Cinnamon incense sticks is an energy enhancer that is known to reduce anxiety and depression. It induces better sleep and when burnt clears the air of impurities and bad odor with its strong and delightful fragrance. 

5. Sandalwood Incense

An integral element of many religious ceremonies worldwide, lighting Sandalwood incense sticks creates a positive, energetic and cheerful aura around you. They are known to fill the air with heaps of grounding and centering energy. Its deep, rich and captivating aroma calms the mind and alleviates stress by relaxing the central nervous system.

Burning incense is an ancient practice around the world that is used to cleanse the air and instill tranquility both inside-out. These incense sticks act as a foundation to aura cleansingwith its energy-purifying aroma that creates an ever-flowing fount of positivity around you. 

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