Vanilla Wax Melts

Vanilla Wax Melts

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Hem Vanilla Wax melts has the perfect scent of Vanilla that can help you experience the delicious sweetness of vanilla, improving your mental thought, mental ability, and intelligence They are fragrant pieces of wax without a wick and are offered in different shapes, sizes and aromas. Wax Melts are designed to be gradually warmed using an electric wax warmer or a ceramic wax warmer as the heating source.

Wax melts can be used while working or meditating and for an elegant vibe during festive occasions.

Hem Vanilla Wax melts can be used with ethnic and aesthetically stunning ceramic wax warmers that add more charisma to the mesmerizing fragrance of Wax

Wax melts are easily portable and add a charm to any getaway with friends for a calming experience or to bring back tranquility during a work trip. It is a great alternative to going flame-free. They don’t generate soot and are mess-free to use.

Product Description



Caution Place in a ventilated, wax melt approved warmer / burner. Follow manufacturer's instructions for use of your warmer / burner. Do not add water or fragrance oil to the wax. Burn within sight. Hot wax can cause burn injury. Do not touch hot wax. Wax can remain hot several minutes after warmer / burner is no longer in use. Allow wax to harden before touching or handling. Keep melts free of debris. Do not attempt to use wax melt as a candle.


Melting Time

90 minutes per pack

Net Contents

6 x 12 (72 pieces)

Weight 48 grams