Hem Aradhana Cow Pure Ghee Diyas

Hem Aradhana Cow Pure Ghee Diyas

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In Vastu Shastra, there is a belief that ghee or oil in a Diya signifies negativity in our mind and the wick symbolizes the Atma or soul. By lighting the Diya, we dispel negativity from our minds and soul. In Agni Purana, it is said that lighting Cow Ghee Diya will increase the sattvic tattva which includes light, bliss, and goodness. Hem Aradhana Cow Pure Ghee Diya is useful in temples and our houses during puja rituals and auspicious occasions.

Product Description

Colour Yellow

100 pcs

Net Contents

Ghee wicks

Useage Puja rituals, auspicious occasions
Pack Type Round plasic box
Direction for use The Ghee diya’s are ready to be placed on the Diya’s or aarti for lighting.
Caution Never light ghee wicks around or with inflammable objects like wires, wood.