Copal Resin Cups

Copal Resin Cups

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Hem’s Copal Resin can be used to alleviate your mood and get a renewed sense of perspective, given its ability to bring about an instant shift in energies.

Copal is also used as part of spiritual cleansing, smudging, and healing ceremonies, to transform spaces into a fragrant wonder of high vibrational energies. We can burn Resins on a hot charcoal tablet which is kept on a bed of sand. The clear & woody scent in it is used to clear all the negative energy in our surroundings and helps to strengthen the auric body, removing all energy blockages making it a useful tool for meditations.

Hem Copal Resin cups contains 30 grams of resins which come in a rectangular box.

Product Description

Colour Brown
Caution Place cup on a fireproof and heat resistant surface only. Do not ingest. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not leave burning cup unattended. Beware the ash catcher will become extremely hot. On burning completely, cup will leave a stain on the base.


Burning Time 30 mins
Net Contents

12 cups

Pack Hexagonal Rectangular