Incense the true inception story

As an incense maker, it is our intention to tell you the historical truth as told to us by the Holy saints. Incense making is an art; the sense of smell is the most powerful of all our senses. Smell triggers memories, experiences and events from this life, and it is believed from past as well.

Incense as far as back can be traced was used as an offering to the powers of spirit in exchange of burning incense, flowers, food, money and candles etc. Incense acts as a messenger between god and devotee. After all God has no use for money, but the devotion from the seeker.

Original incenses were made from aromatic barks, wood, and resins burned by placing them on hot coals. Direct flame to these forms of incense consumes it rather than allowing it to smolder or vaporize as it needs to release the aromatic qualities contained. Each incense has specific properties metaphysically and healing wise. Yes incense can heal, but many have no knowledge in that area. However thanks to the stead fastness of god man like Spiritual Leaders, Monks, and Nuns of certain ancient orders keep it alive.

It was a common place for people as they entered Temples or places of worship to place incense resins in large burners containing hot coals (maintained by the spiritual leaders) as an offering for their prayer in exchange.

Now you can only imagine the intense amount of smoke being created and the constant work involved in keeping the coals going.

Historically we know this to be so and anyone ever doing historical preservation on such Temples and Church`s has experienced the varnish that is built up inside these places. Yes varnish is made from a solution of aromatic resins, and has also been used in paints and furniture over the past centuries and much longer.

Somewhere in the areas of Asia, stick and cone incense have their birth Probably due to the sheer number of people it would be easier for devotees to offer these in prayers than maintaining burners, charcoal for burning resins. All one needed was a flame source and a bed of sand. So since all places of worship contain a ‘flame technology` steps in.

Originally stick incense were made using splinters from Sandalwood, Rosewood and other aromatic woods. Then the resins would be rolled onto the stick by hand, and the stick would provide the `coal` for vaporizing the crushed resin’s mixed with dry dung as the burning agent.

The art and secrets are closely guarded by Spiritual leaders, Monks and Nuns of the Orthodox Church, Greek, Indian, African and Americans etc. Yes it did get over to the Roman Catholic Church, but you see more of a charcoal burning, than the incorporating of it all into a homogenous form.

The entire reason of incense as it was meant to be is for prayer. It is our prayer that you try it, use it as an offering. No matter what the problem, the Creator is listening, offer it up and see, after all what you got to win or lose?