Palo Santo Tall Box

Palo Santo Tall Box

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Hem Palo Santo Tall box Incense Sticks have a woody, musky, citrusy, and a very authentic fragrance that makes them ideal for spiritual events.

Traditionally, Palo Santo is widely used to cleanse a premise of its negative energy and fill it with positivity and optimism.

The pleasant and soothing aroma of Palo Santo has a calming effect and boosts energy levels as well as uplifts the mood.

Hem Palo Santo Tall Box sticks are hand-rolled and contain 100% natural ingredients that offer you the best experience every time they are lit.

Each box of Hem Palo Santo Tall Box contains 9-inch-long black incense sticks that offer a wide range of benefits.

Product Description

Colour Black
Caution Light, the coated end of incense stick, once lit, blow the flame out. Place incense stick away from the flammable materials, on a fireproof and a heat resistant surface. Use Incense Stick holder. Keep out of reach of children. Not for Human Consumption. Not tested on animals. Refer pack for other details.


Burning Time 30 mins per stick
Net Contents

20 gms

Pack Type Cuboid box
Stick Size

9 inch