Hem Incense- Fragrances which Purify your Mind

We depend on all of our five senses for a worldly and pleasurable experience of things around us in our day to day life. From the times unknown, fragrances are an integral part of our lives. In ancient times, different aromas have known to be extracted from all sources – flowers, spices, plants and so on, for varied uses like medicines, cosmetics, confectioneries, food and even personal hygiene. There is a whole section dedicated to ‘Gandhashastra’ – meaning the science of fragrances, in Ayurveda. Some of the ancient texts also describe the uses of fragrant water. For eg, rose water sprinkled on the guests welcoming them home, sandalwood and jasmine for puja and meditation and various other fragrances for festive celebrations.

Apart from religious connotations, specific fragrances also have a beneficial effect on our physical body. Certain scents have been proved to have a calming effect improving concentration, and are hence used for meditation. Others help in controlling anxiety, relieving of stress and aiding in recovery from depression as well; since they bear medicinal value. These are often used in various forms like water or oil based attars, incense sticks, cones or even scented candles. It only goes to show how enigmatic the fragrances are and reaffirms its place in our everyday life.

From the early recorded days of Vedic literature, fragrant incenses and dhoop are very vital to every Hindu puja, yagna and other religious ceremonies. We render our offerings to god with dhoop aaradhana, which over a period of time has transformed for convenience into incense – also known as ‘Agarbatti’. Lighting an incense is also an essential part of religious practices in other cultures – be it Buddhism or even Christianity. In Hinduism, incenses are lit before every puja and the fragrance is allowed to spread throughout the temple or home since it has both refreshing and purifying effect. The scent in the air makes the surroundings peaceful and pleasant, soothing your mind and soul. This calming effect helps in enhanced focus required for deep meditation practiced for a higher spiritual awakening. Other than pujas, incenses also have variety of uses. It can be used for aromatherapy or as an air freshener at home. They are also an ideal gift for someone practicing yoga and meditation.

We at Hemincense, decode each of the distinct fragrances along with its different combinations and bring you delicately crafted specific scents which can bring long-lasting calming effect to your world. We bring the wide range of scented incenses to you - ranging from sandalwood, musk, rose, jasmine, champa, cedar and even fruit extracts which can purify your mind and soul in an instant. You can choose specific incenses from our collection for desired results. From Kasturi and chandan for peace while meditation to Fruit Punch fragrance for happiness and uplifting your mood, or Rose, Mogra and Vanilla for love, to fragrances of spices like clove and cinnamon for money. Whatever that you are looking for, we are sure our fragrant incenses will boost your spirit uplifting them in a peaceful tranquility.