Mantra Masala Agarbatti

When it comes to different types of fragrances, today, the incense manufacturing companies give you more options to choose from than you could imagine. Hem Corporation being one of the leading incense manufacturing companies added another gem to its crown. Just sometime ago, the company launched a brand new agarbatti in the market. The all new Mantra Masala agarbatti has the traditional masala fragrance that brings comfort and a sense of repose to many people. Traditional fragrance is one of the most preferred fragrances amongst maximum consumers. There is something about this aroma that brings back old memories for some people, while for others, it is just a smell that gives them that ‘blessed feeling’ which they usually gets while in or around a place of worship. Incense sticks have been a part of our tradition for a long time now and a puja, be it a morning or evening puja, seems almost incomplete without the fumes and aromas of agarbatti gently breezing through every room in the house. Masala fragrance is as traditional as a fragrance could get when it comes to agarbattis. People favour this over varied fragrances available in the market because of a sense of familiarity they associate with this fragrance. Revering to god, especially for Hindus, seems incomplete without incense sticks. Hem is an age-old manufacturer that is trusted by thousands of consumers, who believe in their products and trust nothing but Hem when it comes to incense sticks. Lighting incense sticks are however not restricted to only religious revering. Many like lighting agarbattis even when meditating or even when practicing yoga. Incense sticks are often associated with a feeling of calm and tranquility and why shouldn’t it? The fragrance really does have a calming effect. And, the best part is, it can be availed so easily.
According to Hindu tradition, burning incense sticks is considered as an effective way to deal with stress. It helps in maintaining mental balance and helps you beat the dullness of the monotonous routine. In today’s time, in the hustle and bustle of city life, it can be quite a task to make time for ourselves and get a break from the busy everyday life. In such cases, simply lighting an agarbatti can really help, as it is a pleasure for your sensory organs. This is one of the reasons why people have appreciated agarbattis from ancient times. It is an age old belief that burning incense sticks wards off evil and purifies the surrounding. It is a myth that the smoke from incense sticks causes harm to one’s health. Incense sticks are safe and healthy to use. In fact it is said that incense sticks helps one concentrate better. That is exactly why agarbattis are lit while practicing yoga or while meditating. This Mantra Masala agarbatti that comes for Rs. 85 for a pack of 50 grams and has around 30 sticks in a box. And, coming from Hem, the quality is guaranteed and if you haven’t already gotten Mantra Masala agarbatti, now is the time!