Hem Incense Sticks

Have you ever wondered why do we burn incense sticks and what is their significance worldwide? The significance of incense sticks goes far back in time. Apart from the religious needs, Incense sticks are also used as a fragrance product, a room freshener and also as a spiritual product. Incense Sticks, are believed to ward off negative energy from the surroundings and help to create pleasant atmosphere and an aura of tranquility that can set the right mood. In India, whether it is special occasions like house warming or your daily pooja, baby's naming ceremony or any religious festivals, incense sticks are a must. Holy ambiance for rituals and occasions cannot be created by any other alternative, other than incense sticks. Lighting incense is a pleasant sensory experience that people have valued from time immemorial. The fragrant and soothing aromas created by burning incense can help you focus your mind, alleviate depression and intensify spiritual awareness. From the psychological aspect, these surprising sticks leave an absolute therapeutic as well as comforting effect.   Burning incense has a prominent impact on our surroundings. Incense sticks are prepared by using various aromatic, biotic and herbal materials. The fragrance of incense sticks alters our emotions, perceptions, and moods. Incense sticks have been there for several centuries and are still considered very effective in creating a pleasing environment that ensures multiple favorable things like calmness, positivity and good health. You will be surprised to know that incense sticks are used worldwide and are also an essential part of Japanese, Chinese and Tibetan culture? Incense has been a significant part of ancient civilizations. If you study the history of various ancient civilizations, you will discover that the custom of burning incense has been an integral part of many spiritual occasions and celebrations. In ancient times, gums and resins of aromatic trees were imported from Somalia in the Arabian Peninsula to ancient Egypt to be used in religious ceremonies. Also, the Native Americans make use of incense sticks to encourage ritual consciousness, the state of mind necessary to incite and direct personal energy. In Christianity, incense has been employed in worship. This custom has been embedded from the tradition of Judaism. Romans believe that smoke of burning incense is construed as the symbol of prayer of the faithful rising in heaven. In China, people use it to respect ancestors and household or tutelary idols. Buddhists burn incense sticks to accompany their meditation, stimulate self -awareness and free them of negative state of mind. The custom of incense in Tibetan medicine is powerfully dictated by the rituals of Tibetan Buddhism. The Japanese people burn incense to bring good luck and drive away negativity. It is also used as a psychic pendulums and good luck charms. As such, these Incense sticks have been employed since the beginning of time for spiritual, aesthetic and curative reasons. HEM Corporation, leading incense sticks manufacturers and exporters in India, supplies its products worldwide and we are a big hit in the overseas market. Hem Incense delivers genuine hand crafted Indian Incense across the world, in a variety of fragrances which merge with every culture and tradition. Hem Corporation provides agarbattis/incense sticks, Dhoop cones and other incense products in various interesting fragrances. With a wide array of aromas that are each distinct and unique, HEM Corporation’s export quality products come in various flavors like vanilla, fruit punch, musk, cinnamon apple, henna, vanilla and much more. These fragrances have captured the imagination of millions of international users. Hem export quality products are exclusively available on popular online shopping sites like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal.com, Paytm.com, Pepperfry.com, Localbanya.com, Ekstop.com, Bigbasket.com, etc. If you are looking for the best incense sticks with unique fragrances, look no further than incense sticks manufactured and produced by Hem Corporation.