Air Fresheners

Hem Corporation, being a dynamic organization, is always venturing into development of new products for its customers. Now HEM introduces ‘Air Fresheners’ for the discerning populace of our country. This new offering from the house of HEM is currently available in four exclusive fragrances. The fragrances are Sandal, Jasmine, Relaxing Spa and Anti Stress All HEM Air Fresheners are eco-friendly and do not contain any gas. They are made with organic ingredients namely water, solvent, fragrance, emulsifier & aqua. They are free of propylene glycol, paraben, aluminium salt and phthalate and do not contain these elements. Hem Air Fresheners are easy to use. They are packed in a sleek bottle which is handy to carry or to place anywhere in your home or office.  Just press the knob and spray in a direction away from you.    Hem Air Fresheners immediately deodorize and freshen the air in the room. Each 200 ml bottle gives you up to 1500 sprays, making it easy on your pocket too.