Chandan Soap

After decades in the fragrance business, in the form of incense sticks and having forayed into the aroma oils, reed diffuser and room freshener space, HEM Corporation has recently added ‘Precious Chandan Premium Beauty Soap’ to its basket of offerings. Since ancient times sandalwood has been known for its wonderful properties. All this goodness of sandalwood has been embodied into the creation of ‘Precious Chandan Premium Beauty Soap’. Ever since the glorious times of Vedic India, Chandan (sandalwood) holds a venerated position. Its touch is cooling and pacifying to the body. ‘Precious Chandan Premium Beauty Soap’ is suitable for all types of skin and it helps to cleanse and protect our skin. Using ‘Precious Chandan Premium Beauty Soap’ also makes our skin soft and supple. This is because of the incorporation of sandalwood aroma oil in ‘Precious Chandan Premium Beauty Soap’. Besides this, ‘Precious Chandan Premium Beauty Soap’ is the perfect moisturizer and prevents body odour. Sandalwood is also known for its anti-ageing benefits. An important aspect is that it also has antiseptic properties and helps to reduce itching. It also helps to calm you and reduce mental stress. With regular use, ‘Precious Chandan Premium Beauty Soap’ helps to fade acne marks and scars, over time.