Do You Know? How to use Incense Sticks in Other Countries

Incense sticks have been always a sign of religion in many countries. They are widely used for religious purposes all over the world. Moreover, incense sticks provide an esthetic sense and create a pleasant environment around. In India, they are used as religious purposes like at the time of worshipping gods, at morning and evening for devoting to god. Apart from India, Incense sticks are also widely used in Japan, China, Australia and many other parts of the world.    
In ancient India, incense sticks were used for creating odors and pleasurable environment around. The tradition is still running and every household in India uses incense sticks as a sign of religious authenticity. Not only India, this tradition has gone passed to Australian continent where people make use of incense sticks for making their rooms and the environment pleasant.        
In Bhutan, incense sticks are used not only for religious purposes, but also for other purposes like healing, purification and meditation purposes. The use of incense sticks is deeply rooted in the daily life of the people of Bhutan and therefore, they create one of the wonderful incense sticks have great scent and have the ability to create an environment of enchantment.              
Egyptian incense sticks originated in the early ages of civilization. Earlier, incense sticks were used as medicine for rescuing a person from bites and other serious problems. Keeping the tradition, they are rarely used as medicine, but as a sign of aesthetic presence in most of the houses of Egypt.    
Chinese incense sticks have also an old history. From the early Neolithic age to the modern day, they have been used as a sign of worshipping God and creating an environment of enchantment.  The Native Americans or Indians used it as a therapeutic remedy because of its wonderful aroma and nice scent.  In modern day also, the tradition remained in the hearts of people as they use it for therapeutic remedy as well as for creating a sense of aesthetic presence while worshipping God. Apart from the countries where incense sticks have originally originated, in Australia, the demand and use of incense sticks have increased over the years.         Incense Australia is made from the traditional way as it has been used in India or other countries like Egypt, China, Japan, etc. Incense sticks from India and other countries are exported to Australia. However, in recent times, incense Australia is made from different procedures for fulfilling their demands.  Apart from creating a pleasant environment, the Australian people use it for religious purposes also.        
Most of the people of Australia are Christians and therefore, at the time of any religious occasion, they make use of incense sticks. Like other countries, provides unique and pleasant incense sticks to people of Australia. However, incense Australia does not have a traditional mark in it, in recent times; with its unique incense sticks has been able to fulfill the demands and requirements of Australian people regarding their incense sticks as the usage of incense sticks not only in households, but also in religious purposes has been increased.