Top 5 Reasons, Why Hem Incense is the Best Incense Sticks Exporters in India

June 21st was declared as International Yoga Day by the United Nations General Assembly. In India, everyone was advised to spend a few minutes meditating or practicing some ‘YogaAsanas’ they were aware of. Workshops, conventions, seminars etc. were also conducted all through the day advocating the importance of Yoga and the need to inculcate some form of body posturing, breathing exercises, relaxation  or meditation in your lifestyle. India, the birthplace of Yoga undertakes this spiritual exercise with a liberating twist. Incense sticks are lit to resonate an aroma of natural, welcoming, healing and tranquil fragrances to instantly tantalize your senses as you sink into bliss. Hems Incense sticks manufacturerare a leading brand in the segment. Delivering genuine hand crafted incense across the globe for the past 30 years.

  1. We know our customers:
Hem has been in business for multiple years. Its customer centric strategy has brought it many laurels from overseas and the management has ensured strict standard and manufacturing protocol is followed.
  1. Driven by innovation:
Change and innovation are characteristic of a successful enterprise. At Hem, innovation is top priority! The ability to infuse new ideas, concepts, technology and techniques into the manufacturing and packaging process helps towards achieving its mission of commitment towards innovation.
  1. Passion for quality:
Being customer centric and respecting their preferences, also comes at a cost. The important part is deliverance without compromising on quality. Hem ensures all the products are of the highest grade and are genuine and meet quality standards.
  1. Variety is the spice of life!
Assortment of incense to blend in with every culture and tradition, Hem incense is available in the form of scented and masala incense sticks, agarbatti, dhoops and cones. Hem has also reached out to more than 70 countries globally with their wide range of products!
  1. Established and Ethical:
An established brand of the segment, Hem has been able to gather customer loyalty from across the globe, including Brazil, US, Japan, Italy to name a few. Following its ethical ground, Hem delivers authentic incense that will keep your environment always pleasant and welcoming.