Why Light an Incense Stick Before God? Read to Know!

Lighting incense sticks, cones, and usage of essential oils during festivals and religious functions is an age-old Indian tradition. Ever wondered what makes incense sticks such an essential during such rituals and festivals? The reasons are many and are subjective to one’s beliefs and experience with incense products.

Some light incense sticks before gods and goddesses as their duty and they consider the act as a tradition, as it has been into existence for ages. Most commonly it is used for its pleasing aroma and as an air-freshener. A large variety of incense products are available in the market; each one of them is used for different purposes and in a different way.

For this blog, we have kept our discussion limited to incense in general. Based on our study, we have listed below two significant purposes of using incense during religious functions and festivals.

1. For the Spiritual Connect

The way an incense smolders itself entirely for our benefit is a perfect epitome of sacrifice. An incense stick preaches man how to give oneself up for others’ well-being. Some even believe that smoke generated while it burns, ascend high in the air and conveys along with them your prayers, requests, and offerings directly to the god and divine beings. This showcases how every item used during such religious functions have a significant purpose and teaching attached to them.

2. For Psychological Purposes

Dedication and concentration are an integral part of any religious function or prayers.  The incense aroma ensures that you reach higher levels of concentration required during prayers. Incense sticks help in reducing the stress and anxiety and help you pray with better focus and dedication.

Any prayer house or temple is purposely filled with incense aroma as it helps heal the distressed and has a calming effect on the brain. It helps create an ideal ambiance required for the perfect execution of any religious function or ritual. This quality of the incense stick has made it a popular sight not just in Indian but also in South-East Asian holy places.

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