HEM Fragrance Sachets

HEM, the house of Incense, now has on offer, ‘Fragrance Sachets’. HEM ‘Fragrance Sachets’ are currently available in ten fragrances, namely Rose, Lilac, Jasmine, Lavender, Sandal, Cedar Pine, Lemon Fresh, Cinnamon Apple, Lemon Grass and Sparkling White. These HEM ‘Fragrance Sachets’ are available in a sealed poly bag which when opened activates the fragrance. The paper pouch is filled with scented vermiculite especially created for a gentle freshness, and should not be opened. HEM ‘Fragrance Sachets’ create a pleasant perfume and warmth all around your home. These ‘Fragrance Sachets’ can be combined to create delightful blends of fragrances of your choosing and personal preference, to transform your space into a heavenly cocoon. For convenience and ease of use, a small hanger is attached to the paper ‘Fragrance Sachet’. This helps to hang the ‘Fragrance Sachet’ at any convenient place or can be attached to any place using the hanger and a clip. HEM ‘Fragrance Sachets’ can be placed at various locations in your home and work place. They can be placed anywhere in the house. In the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms. ‘Fragrance Sachets’ can be hung in cupboards, wardrobes and closets or kept in drawers, laundry baskets, bags and shoes. They can also be placed between sheets or towels in the linen cupboard. Another useful place to hang HEM ‘Fragrance Sachets’ is your car. The advantages of HEM ‘Fragrance Sachets’ are many. They come in a vast range of ten distinct fragrances. HEM ‘Fragrance Sachets’ help to eliminate odors almost anywhere you place them. They can be hung easily on hooks, rails and stoppers or clipped onto curtains or clothes. HEM ‘Fragrance Sachets’ are eco-friendly and safe. They do not emit any smoke. These ‘Fragrance Sachets’ have a long lasting fragrance for several months, particularly when placed in cupboards or closed areas. They act like mothballs and help to keep moths and insects away from your finery.
  Careful! Do not open the paper pouch. Not for consumption. Not for use by children. HEM ‘Fragrance Sachets’, a perfect gift to yourself!