Fragrance Candles

These wonderful fragrances are the newest offering from HEM Corporation, the house of incense sticks, par excellence. They are currently available in five varied fragrances. Fruit & Spice, Christmas Scent, Nut & Cream, Lilac Bloom & Pink Bloom. These in round, attractive, metal boxes. HEM Fragrance Candles are an invitation to the world of delight. Unlock the pretty, round, metal boxes with elegant aromas ensconced within. They will perfume and decorate your space while you relax at home or even when you are travelling. Something about ‘Fragrance Candles’ and their use. Fragrance Candles can work miracles with some individuals. A specific scent can encourage romance, set the tone for a gathering, make people linger at a place for an extended period and generally fill you with well-being. HEM Fragrance Candles enhance the aesthetics of any space with their beautiful aroma and fragrance. However, choosing the right fragrance is very important, because the chosen scent affects the room and influences the people within. Each area of the house lends itself to a particular set of scents. Make sure you ensure a proper blending of the room with the fragrance of your candles. Also, match the fragrance of your candle to the season, especially when entertaining. ‘Christmas Scents’ is most appropriate during December, January and otherwise too. Research shows that the smell of ‘Vanilla’ is very compelling and can transport you back to your childhood. It is best used in the kitchen or the dining room. ‘Green Spice’ is best for all day use. ‘Lilac Bloom’ & ‘Pink Bloom’ can be used to create a positive effect on one’s mood. These fragrances offer the feeling of tranquility and peace. They also help you to relax and aid in a good night's sleep, ensuring that you to wake up refreshed. Do not light a scented candle to hide an unpleasant aroma. You will just end up with both conflicting scents competing in your room and the result would not be fragrant by any means. The best thing to do at this time is to open a window to air out the room, and then light the candle to bring in a fresh scent. Too much of a good thing is not advisable. Scent travels, so it is advisable to light just one or two candles to fill a space. A regular size room should have no more than two lit candles at a time. One is good, two are better, but a third should be avoided unless the room is huge. And Careful! Lighting candles and forgetting about them is dangerous. Do not leave the house or go to bed with candles still lit in your home. Also, keep them with some open space around, away from drapes, bedding, and tablecloths, and preferably place them on coasters, not directly on the table's surface.