HEM Aroma Oils

HEM Aroma Oils, are the new exciting offering from the house of HEM Incense. HEM Aroma Oils are the perfect way to turn your home or office into a sanctuary of fragrance and serenity. Hem Aroma Oils are a blend of fragrant oils which disperse into the environment through evaporation leaving the area wonderfully fragranced. Hem Aroma Oils are 100% vegetarian and are not tested on animals. For best results these oils should be used in ceramic diffusers, electric diffusers, aroma therapy lamps and potpourri. They should not be used as an applicant. HEM Aroma Oils are available in various fragrances, each having its own benefits. If you need to feel relaxed, or partake of meditation these aromatic oils have a therapeutic scent that helps to relax your nerves. From the moment you perceive the fragrance produced by these liquids, your body and mind automatically become relaxed. It follows naturally, that in this relaxed state of both mind and body, you are at peace and do not have to struggle with yourself. If you suffer from sleep deprivation, the fragrance of HEM Mystic Jasmine can help you to have a good night’s sleep. The proponents of HEM Mystic Jasmine believe that the scent of this liquid can help you to sleep well. HEM Mystic Jasminedoes this by getting rid of any negative feelings which increase your anxiety level. Going to bed with a positive feeling helps you to have a peaceful night’s rest. The fragrance of HEM Mystic Amber is a well-liked scent by many persons. This therapeutic liquid helps to create a calming and beneficial environment at the office or in our homes. HEM Aroma Oils are available in several fragrances. Though they are of different fragrances they all have wonderful scents and are likeable. HEM Aroma Oils in all fragrances have great notes and offer a feeling of well-being. HEM Aroma Oils can be used at any time of the day or night The various fragrances of HEM Aroma Oils are Mystic Amber, Mystic Jasmine, Mystic Musk, Mystic Orange, Mystic Rose, Mystic Sandal, Mystic Citronella, Mystic Lavender, Mystic Frankincense Myrrh and Mystic Patchouli