HOLYSTIC Incense Sticks

HOLYSTIC Incense Sticks:   The adjective ‘holistic’ is described in the dictionary as ‘relating to the whole of something or someone or to the total system, instead of just to a part or parts of the whole’. I particularly took interest in the word ‘holistic’ after experiencing profound pleasure on lighting the HOLYSTIC Incense Stick manufactured and marketed by HEM CORPORATION. Philosophically speaking, ‘holistic’ is characterized by the belief that the various parts of something are intimately interconnected and are explicable only by reference to the whole. Even in medical science ‘holistic’ is characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease. ‘HOLYSTIC Incense Stick’ is the embodiment of all these characteristics and more. ‘HOLYSTIC Incense Stick’ is a scented agarbatti with a unique fragrance. This unique fragrance is a perfect blend of sandalwood and various herbs. The fragrance is strong and woody and has a wonderful spreading ability. The fragrance also has a lingering effect and hence lasts for very long. A single incense stick remains lit for nearly forty-five minutes. I believe that HOLYSTIC Incense Stick was initially patronized by people in Maharashtra and southern India but is now available across the country and is also exported to several countries. I am glad that I tried the product and am now a committed and satisfied user. I strongly recommend ‘HOLYSTIC Incense Stick’of HEM Corporation to anyone who wants to experience a unique fragrance.