Heighten Your Mood

Incense contributes to the well-being of people in various ways. Just as each person is different from the other, different fragrances generate diverse feelings and reactions. Each fragrance has its specific nuances and contributes in a myriad ways to alleviate difficulties and negative feelings. It uplifts ones spirit and improves ones mood with the feeling of betterment. Whenever one is feeling low and down one should light Agarbattis (Incense Sticks). The choice of incense is important. Certain kinds of incense produce a very calming effect, and people can quickly build up positive associations with a particular scent, so that the mind becomes quiet and calm. The more refined the incense, the more likely that it will have a positive emotional and mental effect on the individual. Burning incense also activates channels in the brain to alleviate anxiety or depression. As a ritual, the practice of burning incense has prevailed across time,culture, language and religion.